About Us

TAC of Northern California was established in 2003 and incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit community center to help facilitate the adaptation into American culture by the Taiwanese diaspora. We aim to carry on the legacy of the Taiwanese mother (heritage) language, connect young and old generations and promote intergenerational ties, and provide educational and service programs which combine Taiwanese culture with touches of American culture. TAC relocated to a larger facility with a central location of San Jose in 2009. The Center serves thousands of people annually in the greater Bay Area.

The mission of the TAC is to cultivate and enrich Taiwanese identity by providing resources and programs that inspire, educate, and enrich the quality of life in the community. TAC welcomes everyone in the community without regard to their age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political or socio-economic background. Our programs were founded with three primary goals of our organization, including facilitating an understanding of the Taiwanese culture and heritage; fostering a community spirit and sense of belonging through friendship and collaboration; and, offering programs to those of all backgrounds that promote a sense of belonging, self-worth, and competency.

The vision of TAC is to nurture, support, and foster the identity of Taiwanese Americans in the greater San Francisco Bay area. We fulfill our mission and vision by offering consistent and diverse programs that utilize area resources, including best-of class professors and by offering a facility that serves our community. Our programs provide educational, cultural, and social activities that support Taiwanese Americans and others in the community. We integrate the Taiwanese population into American culture and protect the rights and welfare of Taiwanese Americans. We encourage pride in the Taiwanese identity by ensuring that cultural and historical knowledge are passed down to future generations.

The values of the TAC include promoting Taiwanese culture, history, roots, tradition, and rituals by promoting life-long learning and excellence in services and programs. We adhere to democratic decision making through our board and practice financial responsibility and accountability in our programs and operations. We foster a community of creativity, partnership, community, and philanthropy.

When you visit our center you will see cohesion, purpose and cooperation. The same attributes that have enabled us to create this strong and integral center. Our guiding principles are:

Love, Service, Harmony, Growth

Board of Directors

David Chen, Board President

In 1968, as a young man, Mr. Chen came to the United States. He entered Washington University in St. Louis and earned a Masters in Civil Engineering. Upon his graduation, Chen’s wife and child joined him in becoming United States citizens. Chen worked for Sverdrop & Parcel Consulting Engineering in St. Louis, Missouri before venturing out on his own. He founded Tonix, an apparel manufacturer in 1977 in Fremont, California which has become a leading provider of sports team apparel for clubs throughout the United States. In 2003, Mr. Chen and others founded the Taiwanese American Center of Northern California in Fremont. Mr. Chen is actively involved in community organizations. His background, interests, and ability to build partnerships make him a valuable leader to fulfill the organization’s mission. Mr. Chen has served as President of the Board of Directors since 2006 and has guided the organization as a Board Chair since 2003.

Ferdinand Chen

Mr. Chen attended National Taiwan University and earned his Bachelors in Civil Engineering. He arrived in the United States in the mid 1960’s and obtained a Master’s in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University. He received a PhD in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering from the University of California. Mr. Chen returned to Taiwan to work as a civil engineer for several years and then returned to the U.S. and earned an MBA from the University of Santa Clara before he established an import/export business in the chemical industry. Mr. Chen took residence in 1983 and founded the Fidt Investment LLC in Danville, California. Mr. Chen was the past president of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America, which is composed of chambers of commerce. The TCCNA embodied thirty eight local chambers in coalition with 3,500 Taiwanese business members in North America.

Shinn-Shyng Chang

Dr. Chang is a board certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology and he recently retired from private practice in Fremont, California. Dr. Chang obtained his degree from Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. After the completion of his residency and studies, he returned to Taiwan to work as an Associate Professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Taipei Medical College. Upon his return to the United States, he took permanent residence and established his medical practice in Fremont, California where he has enjoyed participating in the community and serving as a board member.

Tim Lim

Mr. Lim attended National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan to study agricultural economics. Lim came to the United States in 1965 to earn a Masters in Economics from Kansas State University. His wife and daughter joined him two years after his immigration and his son was born in the United States. In 1965, IBM launched a low cost, desk sized computer, which caught Lim’s interest and he became a software engineer with IBM for 13 years. During this time, Lim relocated to California and became a founding member of a start-up company, Solectron Corporation. Solectron was an original equipment manufacturing company which pioneered the electronics manufacturing industry and became a leader in his field. Lim was responsible for testing and quality control. Mr. Lim retired in 1994 and has focused his work on philanthropy and volunteerism in a variety of causes. He has become an active leader in the church community. Mr. Lim is able to make regular visits to Taiwan to contribute time and thought to organizations, such as Bethany House and Burun, an agricultural project in Taichung, Taiwan. Mr. Lim’s wife has also been involved in philanthropy and has served as president of the Senior Taiwanese Association of Northern California.

Chun P. Chiu

Mr. Chiu was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to Japan to attend high school and went on to compete his Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering in 1964 at WASEDA University. He worked in Japan for a few years and came to the United States to pursue further education at Oregon State University where he earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has worked as an engineer, a technologist, an entrepreneur and an angel investor. Mr. Chiu has resided in Silicon Valley for more than 40 years and arrived in 1971 to help found Cal-Tex Semiconductor Inc, which has become the first developer of the single chip memory calculator. From 1971 to 1980 he worked for Nitron, AMI, and Hewlett Packard engaged in the design and development of calculators, DRAM, memory and pc chips. In 1980, he and the other Taiwanese Hewlett Packard alumni co-founded Integrated Device Technology, Inc. to concentrate on CEMOS technology and SRAM. After his work at IDTI, Mr. Chiu worked in lead marketing and sales in Japan and other Asian markets for new technology ventures. Mr. Chiu has spent time investing in companies as an angel investor and he advises new businesses in fundraising, strategic planning, and management operations. Mr. Chiu has established a strong reputation and track record as an entrepreneur and business leader. Chiu served as a board member and was a founding member of the North American Taiwanese Engineering Association and he co-founded the Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Science and Technology Association for which he served as President from 2003 to 2005. He has also been a full board member of Technical Research Institute since 2008.

David Weng

Mr. Weng is an angel investor with a track record of successful start-up companies, successful IPOs, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Weng invests in early stage technology companies and uses his expertise and resources. Mr. Weng brings start-ups to success by forming and shaping the company, raising funds, and building the management team. Mr. Weng’s successes included multi-billion acquisitions by companies. Before his investment work, David was an Engineering Director for the Internet Technologies Division of Cisco Systems. Mr. Weng worked for Hewlett Packard managing software development projects at the Information Networks Division. David had over 20 years of experience in software engineering and networking. Mr. Weng has been the General Partner of InnoBridge Capital Management, a President of the Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Industrial Technology Association, and a council advisor for the Engineering Leadership Council Advisor and a Board Member of the Tower Foundation at San Jose State University. David received a Bachelors in International Trade from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and a Masters in Computer Science Engineering from San Jose State University in 1983.

Shinn Lee

Mr. Lee earned a BS in Civil Engineering at the National Taiwan University and served a brief term of military duty in Taiwan prior to coming to the United States. He arrived in the United States in the early 1980’s where he earned a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of California in Los Angeles. The computer revolution in the 1980s led Mr. Lee to change his course of study to earn a Masters in Computer Science at University of California. Lee took his first job with Daisy Systems, a pioneer in computer-aided engineering and the electronic design automation. In 1990, he joined Intel Corporation working as a special projects director investigating artificial intelligence and computer technology in a joint project with the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. He helped establish a research and development project in 1993 in China. Mr. Lee retired in 2010 and has spent his time volunteering for charitable causes and working on his design interests in carpentry, wiring, and audio-visual technology projects. Lee serves as both board member and helped serve as an operations manager.

Carl Lai

Mr. Lai arrived in the United States in 1962 and he had a wide ranging influence in environmental science in California. Mr. Lai has a PhD in Environmental Science and worked for the California State Agriculture Department. Lai served as a scientist, researcher, and manager with his time dedicate to understanding issues involved in protecting the environment while ensuring healthy crop yields and supplying healthy and plentiful quantities of agricultural products for the market. After retiring from the Department of Agriculture, Lai established his own real estate management enterprise. Lai is currently retired and enjoys volunteering, art appreciation, music and photography.

Albert Liu-chian Chen

Dr. Chen is a graduate of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine and he is a triple board certified physician in internal medicine, oncology, and hematology. He recently retired from the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System where he was a practicing physician. Dr. Chen, along with other health professionals, volunteers his time and expertise to offer free medical consultations to those without insurance. Mrs. Chen is the wife of Dr. Chen and is also the coordinator for the Heartstring’s program, where presenters speak on subjects ranging from art and literature to health and spiritual inspiration. Both she and her husband attend the San Jose Canaan Christian Church and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Wen Pen Liu

Wen Pen Liu Dr. Liu is a retired, board certified family physician who completed his medical education at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine and arrived in the United States in 1967 to pursue further studies. Dr. Liu attended Chicago Mercy Hospital for family practice residency. He pursued further training at Jersey City Medical Center and completed his fellowship training in family medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Liu established a private practice in Florida and was recruited by Kaiser Permanente in 1978 where he worked for family-oriented health services until 1997 when he retired. Dr. Liu has been involved within the local community on issues like health care, education, and outreach for the indigent. He has also become a clinical consultant in family medicine for Indian Health Services for six years. He had extensive prior service on commissions and non-profit boards. He has also served as president of Sacramento Chapter of Formosan Association for Public Affairs. Under his guidance, membership grew to include 170+ active members in the chapter. He also served as vice president of the Sacramento Taiwanese Association in 1995-1997. He joined the TAC board to enhance community outreach efforts that focus on housing, mental health, and shelter related human service projects.