TAC Programs

TAC delivers year round programming for youth, adults, and the elderly. We not only help Taiwanese immigrants pass down our history, language, and culture to future generations, we also share this information with those of other races and ethnicities to bridge the gap in understanding and create a sense of community in the Bay Area. We believe that we are making a strong investment in the future of our community. The TAC offers the following programs for community members:

TAC Taiwan School:
We offer language classes to children and youth who want to learn Taiwanese. Area colleges and universities do not offer Taiwanese as a language. Our Taiwan School has the asset of highly qualified teachers, including instructors from Stanford University and UC Berkeley. We also offer multiple tracks of traditional Chinese for K-12 learners, as well as creative writing and English composition. The Taiwan School also offers instruction in piano, guitar, and voice lessons through multi-age group instruction. We also offer computer skills training, visual arts courses such as painting and drawing, graphic design, calligraphy, and Taiwanese folk arts. Dance and movement courses include Tai Chi, aerobic dance, line dancing courses and table tennis.

Seniors Programs:
Our healthy seniors program is offered every Thursday from 10:30a.m. to 3 p.m. Activities include Karaoke singing, Aerobic dance, health education, and medical clinics, physical exercise, casual tea time, and games like bridge and Ma-Jong. In addition, occasionally, special talk on interested topics with guest speakers.

Youth and Family Programs:
Our youth and family programs are offered on Sundays. have approximately 200 minors as participants from ages 2 to 18 years of age. We have programs like music, for children of ages 3-6 to engage in singing, movement, listening, performing, and other aspects of music. We use methodology from Orff, Kodaly, and the Dalcroze curriculum. The programs use melody, harmony, rhythm and other parts of music to engage children. Our children’s musical theater class provides instruction in singing, dancing, and acting. Children participate in a musical production for family and friends. TAC offers private piano lessons, group keyboard lessons, guitar classes, and group guitar Our arts programs offers drawing and painting for children from kindergarten to third grade, animation, character animation and design, line-art and illustration from 4th grade to adult. We study characters drawn for television shows and movies and discuss how they were drawn, and then we work on illustrations for computers and painting. Our design art program is for 3rd to 6th graders who are introduced to art and design for self-expression and explore art through drawing, painting, and sculpture. In class, we teach basic color theory, perspective, and art topics. We also provide computer graphics/design to teach participants how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and participants learn the basics and make greeting cards and other creative artwork. Part of our curriculum includes an introduction to folk arts, including the origin of such art forms as calligraphy and Chinese knotting.

Heart Strings Humanities Program:
The TAC Heart Strings program is a personal enrichment lecture series with programs to engage our members and the wider community in interesting and multi-disciplinary topics including art, music, philosophy and sometimes scientific or astrophysics presentations. This series support learning and dialogue about human issues we face as individuals and communities. Check website for ongoing schedule.

Museum and Archives:
Our museum and archives preserve historical manuscripts that present the history of Taiwanese Americans. The museum and archives show identity formation among the immigrant population in the United States. Many board members, as well as participants in our programs have documented their personal stories of life in Taiwan and their immigrations to the United States so these stories and the rich history of our culture can be passed down to future generations. The library and archives may be accessed daily.

Taiwanese Cultural Activities and Special Events:
Our Center is 7800 square feet and we can accommodate hundreds of people at any single event. We have experience hosting musical events and honoring dignitaries and other visitors from Taiwan. We offer our space for lease to groups needing a facility for special event purposes. Please contact us for further information.