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Facility Usage Fee/Donation

June 8, 2010

To: Taiwanese Community

Re: Facility Usage Fee/Donation

Taiwanese American Center (TAC ) is now a little over seven years old. In April, 2009, we moved from Fremont to San Jose with a much bigger and modern facility to serve our community. As a result, the expenses have more than doubled.

Many community people have asked how come we do not have any fund- raising and some even wonder where all the money comes from. Well, over the year, funding has mainly been from the majority of our Board Members. This is OK for the short term, but not healthy going forward. We need to go to next level and make TAC self-sufficient. I believe, and strongly believe, that TAC can only justify its’ continued existence by the support of the majority of our community, not a few Board Members.

Initially, and effective July 1, 2010, there will be a new fee/donation applied to the usage of this facility. This will apply to all users without exception. This will make it fair to everyone concerned. Feel proud to donate, and help build TAC.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to serving you.

David Chen, President
Taiwanese American Ctr
San Jose, CA